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Gift Subscriptions

Send coffee to a loved one! 10% of the proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter.

Step 1

Choose a Subscription Length

How long you would like the subscription to be active? We send out 2 shipments per month.

Step 2

Choose a Size

How much coffee would you like? Consider each bag to be a 2-week supply.

Step 3

Choose a Start Date

When would you like us to send the first bag? Choose from our upcoming roast dates.

Step 4

Choose How to be Billed

How would you liked to be billed for this order? Pay as we ship the coffee or the whole gift at once.

Step 5

Add a Gift Note

Send some kind words to your recipient. This part is completely optional.
We'll put this note in their first delivery.

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Step 6

Confirm Your Gift Subscription

Check your order below. You will enter your address and payment details on the next screen.

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